The Southern California Clean Water Fund will reserve $3,000,000 for use by Eligible Small Water Systems located in the County of San Bernardino with the remaining $2,000,000 available to Eligible Small Water Systems located in any County in the State of California (including those located in the County of San Bernardino) which receives water from the Cadiz Water Project, which will increase local groundwater storage in San Bernardino County by conserving water presently lost to evaporation.

The County of San Bernardino and local water agencies Mojave Water Agency, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, and the Twentynine Palms Water District will assist the Fenner Valley Water Authority (FVWA) with the identification of small retail water systems that may benefit from access to these funds to improve their water treatment systems. These entities will then be invited to submit applications requesting resources from the fund for water quality improvement projects in 2019.

FVWA will coordinate its efforts with wholesale water agencies within San Bernardino County, including but not limited to the Mojave Water Agency and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, seeking their collective input to maximize the likelihood that desert communities and small water systems within the County of San Bernardino are aware of the Fund and the opportunity it presents for financial assistance.